Arctic Monkeys and Country… Savannah Jaine Wins Again

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Think Arctic Monkeys with a country twang and stunning vocals.”

[Hope It’s Country]

Release: I Win Again
Listen to the song here.

Savannah Jaine is a dynamic artist, based out of New York City and Manchester, UK.  A diligent workhorse from a young age, this NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kid’s alum honed her chops as a contract vocalist working long hours on stage in hotels and on cruise ships – and that unique and immense experience shows itself in her rich, resonant and powerful vocals.

A big believer in ‘creating your own opportunities’, she toured, busked and traded live music for beds at hostels throughout Europe and blogged about her adventures all the way. In 2019, Savannah took a contract gig for a rock band in Dubai, where she met British Guitarist and Producer Lee Meadows. Bonding over their love for Americana, Country and Blues, these two fire signs began writing and playing together at an Artist Residency in Ibiza, Spain. The couple got married during Covid-19 and began building an online following with Tik Tok ‘Live Songwriter Rounds’ from their home in Adlington, Lancashire.

Following on from “Sunshine & White Wine” – her first editorial placement – and Live session EP in collaboration with Milkshed Studios, Lancashire, Savannah is gearing up for her brand new album ‘Slow Burn Baby’, set for release in May 2023. The lead single “I Win Again” is a rock-driven track inspired by Savannah’s time working on cruise ships, playing to thousands of people per week:

Most were kind and wonderful people, some became lifelong followers and fans, and a very, very small few of them were mean, loud, drunk, unruly, and hurtful. It’s one thing to not like someone’s music but it’s another to completely disrespect them on stage and those few incidents inspired the hook “you’re a has been who never was” “you gave me so much hell just because”” 

Lee Meadows has delivered a dynamic lead rock guitar riff and solos that provide the perfect setting for Savannah’s powerful vocals which we know you’ll love! Recorded at Milkshed Studio and produced by Chris Hope.

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