‘MEAN GIRL’ Emails, UK Touring, and More – Tamara Stewart

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Nashville-based Australian-born singer/songwriter Tamara Stewart is one of Music City’s most revered creatives. Having established herself in the city since relocating in 2014, Tamara has without question, carved a very unique path of success in the USA.

As a songwriter, Tamara has penned several #1 radio hits for numerous artists in her native country. She has scored outstanding successes of her own too, including five acclaimed albums and countless Australian Awards including CMA awards and People’s choice. Headlining at major festivals across the country and TV and Radio Appearances.

Her single Haunted House pulled from her self-proclaimed ‘divorce recovery’ album “The Truth, The Music and Me” – released in 2019 – has further put her on the map and allowed her to make inroads, not only in the USA and Australia, but her continued favour with the British market. 

2023 launches a time for Tamara to truly stand in her own creative and personal truth and  leads us to a refined version of who she is as a performer, a writer and an extremely relatable Woman,

After the success of her debut podcast series from 2019, (a sister project to the last album and also titled “The Truth,The Music and Me”) Tamara is returning to the podcast world with her new series titled; “Heal My Story”… set to be launched on Tuesday 31st January.

“Being able to talk about two of my favourite subjects, music and healing, I am so excited to share this new series. Podcasts as a media outlet, open the conversations and create connections with listeners from all over the world. 

It’s such an exciting way to utilise creativity and communication.”

 “Mean Girl”, the first single from her forthcoming album, is set for release 2023, along with multiple shows scheduled in the UK.

“There’s something terrifying and also exhilarating about releasing music. For so long the songs remain my secret, my truths, my most intimate work, and then when it comes time to release them, I’m always anticipating people’s response. 

This is without a doubt, my most honest album to date, and I can’t wait to take it to the UK audience. 

Her well seasoned gift of storytelling through her songwriting, results in Tamara’ unmistakable sound, gives voice to things that women everywhere can agree are sometimes hard to speak about. 

The success that precedes Tamara’s career to this point, cements her integrity and also her evolution as a writer and singer. It is certain that this new chapter of music and other exciting projects, will further cement Tamara as one of UK’s most revered women in music. 

In March, the hitmaker will tour Britain with the UK’s very own Elles Bailey. Not only has she co-written many of Bailey’s songs in recent years, Tamara has toured with the Americana/Blues artist on many occasions. Along with other shows that are yet to be announced,  Tamara is excited to be back with her growing number of UK fans, and this gives her the opportunity to again, to showcase her warm yet powerful vocal, and uniquely raw songwriting style to an ever growing fanbase. 

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