It’s Official! Kezia Gill, Jess Thristan, Jade Helliwell and Demi Marriner announce the ‘Girls’ Night In’ Tour! 

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Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at a Girls’ Night? Well, now is your chance!

They’re not only some of the finest singer-songwriters in the UK, but they’re also the best of friends.

Kezia Gill, Jade Helliwell, Jess Thristan and Demi Marriner have announced that they will be hitting the road together in February 2023 for a four date intimate writers round tour!

When asked what fans can expect from the tour, Demi said “The crowd can plan for a lot of laughter, some crazy stories (I’m looking at you, Jade!), some stellar songs and JUST MAYBE some co-writes we’ve been keeping under wraps” The girls will be performing in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. Tickets are available now.

“I’m looking forward to being able to sit each night and share the same stage with my girls, listening to them share their amazing music and stories night after night. Writers’ rounds are always a really special gig format for me, and I just know this touris going to be extra special.-JESS THRISTAN

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to hit the road with these incredible Women. I’ve known them for years and been lucky enough to watch them grow in their careers and build genuine friendships with each of them. Whenever we hang out the night always turns to music -be that co-writing, playing our favourite songs or even Karaoke! So, it is a no brainer to take that fun to the stage”-JADE HELLIWELL

“My perfect night in is a glass of wine with the girls,hairbrushes at the ready and Shania on repeat!! This tour is literally gonna be me living my best life!”-KEZIA GILL

“This tour has been a long time coming for us as well as fans! As well as the shows, I just can’t wait for four days with these girls! The road trip stories we will be sharing night in night out, the songs we write in the car and the endless hilarious stories -it is going to be brilliant!”-DEMI MARRINER

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