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“Diamond Motel” and “When’s The Last Time (feat. Dark Water)” Available Now


GRAMMY® Award winning singer/songwriter Kristian Bush today announces his third installment of his four-album layered release 52- New Blue will be released September 30—in celebration the multi-talent shared two new tracks from the collection, “Diamond Motel” and “When’s The Last Time (feat. Dark Water).
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Listen to “Diamond Motel” and “When’s The Last Time (feat. Dark Water)” HERE.
52 – New Blue is where Bush’s history meets his present. When creating the third collection of his four-album series, Kristian set out to create an assembly of love songs but soon realized his quest led him to the re-discovery of another love—his love of the ‘90s. Bush, who found success as one half of Sugarland is also part of Folk-Rock duo Billy Pilgrim which was formed in the ‘90. The album name is derived from scientist Mas’ accidental discovery of a new shade of blue in 2009 while attempting to create something else. Inspired by Mas’ philosophy that “accidents are essential in discovery” and his reference to scientist Louis Pasteur’s belief that “luck favors the prepared mind.”


“While looking for a way to group my songs for this next release, I stumbled on a truth. I found a New Blue. I found that the music and attitude, lyrics and chords, and the foundation of me walking out onto rock stages in the ‘90s, was woven into every Sugarland song, every solo song, every production and every co-write since. Many of the songs on this project feel like songs I would have put out in 1995.”


Kristian was a writer on each of the 12 songs on 52 – New Blue, and many of his co-writers fit naturally into the vibe of the project, having written popular hits in or around the decade. He teamed with talents like Billy Steinberg (“Like a Virgin,” “True Colors”), Matraca Berg (“Strawberry Wine,” “You and Tequila”), Billy Montana (“Bring on the Rain” and “More Than a Memory”) and Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors.


“It requires only a few things,” he said. “You need a great drummer, a big song idea, and honesty. From rollercoasters to confessions, motels to regrets, and road trips to broken promises, these songs live in my present but are direct descendants of every song, every show and every album I touched in my past.”


Leaning into his rich experience as a true artist who has thrived in multiple formats, Kristian embraces his diverse musical legacy with 52 with the final volume set to be released in early 2023. The four-installment album series is named for not only his 52nd year on this planet, but the idea of a year—split into four seasons and 52 weeks—with all four albums released within a year’s time.


Kristian also co-hosts “52 – The Podcast” weekly with acclaimed Country music journalist Cindy Watts. The pair discuss the connections between his most popular songs and the new tracks on 52. LISTEN HERE.


52- New Blue Track Listing


  1. Diamond Motel –Kristian Bush, Billy Steinberg
  2. Sailing to Arizona (feat. Chris Barron) – Kristian Bush, Jeff Cohen, Chris Barron
  3. When’s The Last Time (feat. Dark Water) – Kristian Bush, Benji Shanks, Brandon Bush
  4. The Great American Scream Machine (feat. Amie Miriello)–Kristian Bush
  5. Give Me A Road–Kristian Bush, Benji Shanks
  6. Crazy That Way (feat. Stephanie Lambring) –Kristian Bush, Bobby Pinson
  7. Way With Words–Kristian Bush, Justin Lance, Clint Daniels
  8. Man Like Me–Kristian Bush, Taylor Davis
  9. Somebody Promised You–Kristian Bush
  10. Mirror Behind The Bar–Kristian Bush, Phillip Lammonds, Billy Montana
  11. New Girl (feat. Amie Miriello)–Kristian Bush, Matracea Berg, Jeff Cohen, Daniel Tashain
  12. Put A Dent In It–Kristian Bush, Ellis Paul, Connie Harrington
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About Kristian Bush:


Kristian Bush is a MULTI-PLATINUM-selling, two-time GRAMMY Award winner most known for being half of the record-breaking Country duo Sugarland. The Sevierville, TN native launched his professional music career in 1994 with the Folk-Rock duo Billy Pilgrim. Within the decade, Kristian moved on to form Sugarland with Jennifer Nettles. The pair who released debut single “Baby Girl” in 2004, went on to chart five No. 1 hits and 12 Top 10 songs. His SOUTHERN GRAVITY solo debut in 2015 produced Top 20 hit “Trailer Hitch.” Kristian made a foray into television theme songs in 2016 with “Forever Now (Say Yes),” which he penned  and performed  for TLC’s popular  show “Say Yes  to  the Dress.” The multi-instrumentalist is also a founding member of Rock Jam band Dark Water alongside his brother Brandon Bush and esteemed guitarist Benji Shanks. In addition, Kristian co-wrote a song for the Atlanta staging of Stephen Schwartz’s “Working: A Musical” and has written three musicals. “Troubadour” (2017) and “Darlin’ Cory” (2021) opened at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre, and “Me Before You” is set for Miami in 2023.




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