Music superstar Carrie Underwood talks to Absolute Radio Country

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Country superstar Carrie Underwood joins Absolute Radio Country to talk about her new album, Glastonbury, and Vegas


“I’ve played a lot of festivals but this one is special. It was a lot of fun the crowd was great, and Janet Jackson blew me a kiss.”

Multi Grammy award winning country superstar Carrie Underwood joined Baylen Leonard on Absolute Radio Country to talk about her new album, performing at Glastonbury and the Vegas life.

Reminiscing back on her Glastonbury performance, Carrie described what it was like playing at the legendary British festival back in 2019 and the celebrity moment which made her freeze. “I have played a lot of festivals but this one is special. It was a lot of fun the crowd was great; it was good, and Janet Jackson blew me a kiss.” The superstar went on to say how she awkwardly reacted to the kiss “I kind of froze, and my friend who was with me was like blow one back! I froze, the moments passed and that would be kind of weird if I am just over there waving at her or something, like a weirdo.”

Although used to playing to huge crowds the ‘Before He Cheats’ singer also revealed to Baylen that she is much happier being at home and enjoys being a bit of a hermit. “I don’t go places…on my own if it is left up to me and my devices, I would just be a little homesteader and just stay home and do nothing. I shouldn’t say do nothing, I am actually very busy when I am at home, but it is chores, I am doing chores.” When asked by Baylen if she enjoys doing chores, she answered “I do! I love to garden, we have chickens… I am always cleaning something or laundering something, I have two messy boys and one for some reason likes to wardrobe change, he will wear three or four outfits in a day.”

Carrie also discussed with the Absolute Country presenter the naming of her new album ‘Demin and Rhinestones’ which came out on June 10th. “I feel like throughout country music there is just this really great history of just that, you know; we like our bling, we like out fringe … When you get a picture in your head you think of denim, you think of something that stands the test of time and is reliable and feels good and all those sprinkles on top.”

Carrie also has a residency in Vegas which is currently on a break due to her touring, but speaking about what it is like she said“There is so many great things obviously about going on a traditional tour, arena tour but you know being in a theatre you are in one place…you can kind of do some things, you do not have to pack up everything after every show so we can kind of do some bigger things that can live there at the theatre.”

Whilst on her visit to London, the superstar admits she is just looking forward to just walking around… once the jet lag wears off of course.

You can hear Carrie Underwood speaking to Baylen Leonard on Absolute Radio Country on Monday 11th July



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