Out Now, Lydia Luce’s New EP Garden Songs Takes Listeners On A Beautiful Journey Through Her Most Personal Experiences

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“Garden Songs brims with loving tenderness.” – Folk Alley

Just underneath the lush arrangements and spellbinding vocal melodies of Lydia Luce’s latest output lies a story of human persistence—the idea that we’ll carry on, letting hope and love guide us, in the face of an uncertain future. The EP serves as a beacon of light for for those who are trying to wade their way through dark times sparked by recent societal events. Garden Songs is out now and fans can enjoy the immersive piece of art right here.
Garden Songs In The News:
“‘Vow’ is one of the dreamiest songs of the spring.” – Consequence
“An expansive and cinematic record of folk and classical-tinged chamber pop.” – Under The Radar
“Profoundly beautiful.” – Holler
“Luce’s evocative lyrics and luxuriant instrumentation inspire us to endure the fragility of love. Even in the midst of disharmony, she reminds us, ‘love will carry on.’”- Folk Alley
“Garden Songs puts forth mesmerizing songwriting atop gorgeous production, swelling and emotionally driven in all the right moments.” – Northern Transmissions
“Luce’s music is impactful.” – Americana Highways
Writing in such a picturesque setting helped Luce focus her attention on the world around her—quite literally in the case of the EP’s first song, “Matter of Time.” The summer before Luce landed on Orcas Island, the northwest suffered two brutal heat waves, and the extreme weather killed dozens. It got Luce thinking about the cognitive dissonance of wanting to be present in this remarkable place while grappling with how the same area was deadly to so many during a bout of extreme weather. For a woman who grew up by the ocean, the mountainous water vistas reminded her of her smallness. It also helped to shrink her anxieties and ego down to a manageable enough size to not get in the way of simply writing a song.
Luce turned to her impending wedding for “Vow,” which is the tale of the next step in a relationship that had been turbulent. The song lands on a moment of looking forward, Luce explains, to “what we’ve built together and all of our hard work in our relationship and also getting to be present and enjoy where we’re at.” Another love is at the heart of “Air Castle”—that of Luce’s great grandparents. Her father shared a book of their love letters, written between 1909 and 1920, while he was in California and she was in Georgia. The song captures how important it can be to feel like someone is in your corner, seeing the best of you and rooting for your triumph.
The EP ends with the beautiful “Yellow Dawn,” summing up the feeling that propelled the writing and creation of Garden Songs. Persistence, in love and living, is a choice Luce continues to make, and the fruits of her carrying-on are on full display through this gorgeous musical window into her life.
Garden Songs Tracklist:
Matter of Time
Air Castle
Cosmic Flower
Yellow Dawn

More About Lydia Luce:

In addition to her solo work, Luce created Lockeland Strings, a community arts organization showcases local artists with a string quintet and performances of new contemporary classical pieces from local composers. They’ve been joined by Kacey Musgraves and Lucie Silvas, among others, and partners with nonprofits, including the ACLU of Tennessee, Girls Write Nashville and The Little Pantry That Could. She also plays viola as a session musician.


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