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Promising Honky-Tonk artist Zachariah Malachi has announced the release of his new single, “The Drinkin’ Song,” a tribute to the late country music legend George Jones. The fast-paced number is pure fun and reminiscent of many traditional country favorites. Self-penned by Zachariah Malachi and produced by Jimmy Capps and Michele Voan Capps, the song was recorded at TMC Recording Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Mixing was handled by Mark Capps.

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“I wrote this song about the life of George Jones. It’s been a song that I’ve had in my arsenal for over ten years. I actually recorded another version of this song with a band I was in many moons ago. Glad to have brought it out again for the Nashville treatment. I feel this song is complete chaos and that’s a big reason I wrote it,” shared Zachariah Malachi.

“Musically, it sounds to me like Zachariah is standing on the crossroads of Roots Country and Americana, however, he is forging his own path and the road ahead looks like a path well-chosen. His sound is fresh, yet reminiscent of yesterday. His stories are not new, but you have never heard them told this way before. Give him a listen, I think you will like what you hear!” exclaimed Grand Ole Opry® member, Jeannie Seely.

Studio musicians included Jimmy Capps (guitar), Chris Scruggs (steel guitar), Andy Leftwich (fiddle), Tim Atwood (piano), Dave Pomeroy (bass), Greg Ritchie(drums), Charlie McCoy (harmonica) and Anita Stapleton Anderson and Michele Voan Capps (background vocals).

“I drink in the morning and I drink till dusk
I drink when I’m feeling just so down on my luck
I drink when I’m good and a goin’ with you
I drink when I’m feeling just so downright blue
I drink when I’m drunk and a-feelin’ alright
I drink when I’m in bed with you at night

The doctor says my body’s just about half done
But to quit my a-drinkin’ is to quit having fun
I should get my health right back to where it’s been
But when I take a big sip, I’m feeling good again

I got a DUI out on the road last night
I should have took the test instead I got in a fight
Punch drunk and hand cuffed on that old dirt street
And now I’m sittin’ in a cop car with no shoes on my feet
My good time left me here without a clue
And when I get to jail, I’ll make some toilet brew

The doctor says my body’s just about half done
But to quit my a-drinkin’ is to quit having fun
I should get my health right back to where it’s been
But when I take a big sip, I’m feeling good again

Well, I get a little crazy when I’m on the booze
I feel like I’m winning even when I lose
My darlin’ took off with another man
But when I’m drunk I don’t give a damn …”


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Photo Credit: Elliott Lopes

About Zachariah Malachi:

Sometimes traditional and sometimes bringing a new sound to a familiar tune, Zachariah Malachi is as genuine a Honky-Tonk artist as any we’ve previously heard. His debut song, “Local Bar Opry Star,” was selected as Country Music PeopleEditors Pick for Single of The Year. Growing up outside of Detroit while being part of a family of East Tennesseans, Zachariah was obsessed with the lonesome moan of Hank Williams. Picking up rhythm guitar at an adolescent age, he strived to be a hillbilly singer like many of his mentors. On many Fridays and Saturdays, you could find him singing in local bars before he was even of age to taste any whiskey.

In his early 20s, you could catch him anywhere from the Metro Detroit area to the suburbs of Chicago and Indiana, fronting a country-punk band called Hook N Krooks. It was during this time that Zachariah’s songwriting skills appeared at their Genesis and local publications took notice of the hybrid styles they were hearing:

“There’s an appropriately dirty feel to the whole record, sort of like a ’70s exploitation flick, or a modern equivalent like The Devil’s Rejects. Lots of fun though” – Detroit’s MetroTimes

In 2018, Zachariah started a band geared more towards his serious love for Honky-Tonk music. It was then that The Hillbilly Executives became the band that always backed Zachariah on the road. With The Hillbilly Executives, Zachariah had a chance to play all of his favorite venues in the Detroit area, even opening for Patti Smith at the Royal Oak Music Theater. He loved his hometown, but it was time for him to make the pilgrimage to Nashville.

Upon Zachariah’s first few stays in town, he caught the attention of Gus Arrendale of Springer Mountain Farms Chicken (a sponsor of the Grand Ole Opry® and 650 AM WSM), and Gus graciously offered to finance Zachariah’s first album. With the late, legendary guitarist Jimmy Capps as producer, the first single, “Local Bar Opry Star,” was shaping to be a top-notch Nashville record with the best of the modern A-Team to back it, while striving to bring a sound to the table that country music longs to get back to, as well as a splash of the eccentricity that only someone like Zachariah can dish.

Currently, Zachariah lives in Nashville with the family of Pop-A-Top legend Jim Ed Brown. He is finishing up his debut record and performing regularly.

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