Rootin’ tootin’ country music reviewin’


Rootin’ tootin’ country music reviewin’





Never has country music been more popular in the UK than it is at the present time. The number of British artists hoping to emulate their USA counterparts has increased dramatically over the last few years, and this is true for the number of UK country fans too.


No longer limited to belting out the occasional Dolly, Kenny, Garth or Shania at the local Karaoke bar after a night out, fans of the genre can now enjoy country discos regularly, festivals annually and more gigs than you can afford to go to on a monthly basis. One thing you can be sure of, your ‘average’ country music fanatic is both passionate and friendly.

I use the word ‘fanatic’ in the best possible way, as once bitten by the country music bug, it becomes all encompassing. So many people I͛ve spoken to just can’t get enough! Once seen at a gig, you will no doubt meet that same person over and over at numerous events, until that gig friendship turns into a wider social gathering of like-minded fans

This is exactly how this website evolved. Two very different personalities meeting through a mutual love of music. Both of us have different tastes which encompass Classic, Outlaw, Americana & Roots, Pop, Southern Rock, Metal, Bro Country – the list is eclectic and open-minded.

Whether it’s a love of classic country inherited from your parents and their parents before them, a new-found love of the genre after a holiday in the USA, a love of all things music related or just plain curiosity that brings you here, we hope you will enjoy our site. Bookmark us and check back for regular updates and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We’d love to hear from you too, so please drop us a line and share your views. Who knows, we may feature you on the site!

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