Helen from Country Lowdown caught up with Susie McCarthy who has taken over the Nashville Nights at Under the Bridge in Stanford (Home of Chelsea Football club!). She has big boots to fill but it sounds like she is more than up to the challenge!

CL : We are all very happy that you have agreed to take over these nights Susie, it would be a shame if we lost them.  I understand you were a regular at these events before taking them over, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your history & your journey into Country music.

Susie : I’m so pleased to be taking over Nash Nights, from working on the very first one in February 2016 to now, the night has become one of the most loved events we host at Under The Bridge. Also, being a huge country music fan myself, it’s always been a pleasure working these nights (it’s a great opportunity to wear my boots!)

In terms of me, I’m part of the team at Under The Bridge, and have always been a big country music fan. I go to C2C every year and try and get to as many other country gigs as I can! I’ve also been to Nashville and will definitely be going back!



CL : Who is your resident DJ going to be & can you tell us a little bit about him too please.

Susie : We had DJ Quinn playing our November show, who came highly recommended by the previous organisers, and of course we have just announced our NYE DJ as Baylen Leonard – we are all very excited about welcoming Baylen back to Nash Nights


CL : Previously Nash Nights has travelled, going to Brighton, Birmingham, Glasgow (I think!) are there any plans to do this again?

Susie : At the moment, we are focusing on the nights at Under The Bridge in London, and have no plans currently to tour, but who knows what will happen in the future!


CL : How often are you hoping to run these nights, I know you have one in November & then you have your New Year’s Eve Extravaganza, what are the plans for next year?

Susie : We are hoping to have Nash Nights regularly next year, so watch this space for new events being announced!


CL : Are you hoping to keep the formula the same, or are you wanting to do anything different, or should we watch this space for that one?

Susie : I’m a big believer in what the former owners of Nash Nights have built and everything they stood for, so I don’t plan to change anything massively. However, there may be a few extra bits and pieces popping up here and there, the introduction of food seemed to go down well at the weekend!


CL : Cheeky question … Quite a few of us stay in the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels when we come to these nights, would it be possible to arrange a deal with the hotel where we could get the rooms at a slight discount? Lots of people do stay over, but a lot of people use the Travelodge, if we could get a deal, more people would probably stay!

Susie : Absolutely, you can use the promo code ‘UTB’ for the best discounted rates at the hotels!


CL : I have asked a few people what they would like me to ask you & the most popular question appears to be can you get Baylen Leonard back as the DJ?

Susie : He is back for NYE!



CL : Finally and very, very importantly, will you be continuing with the legend that is the Mona Lisa conga?

Susie : ABSOLUTELY! How could we not?!


CL : Thank you very much for your time Susie, here at Country Lowdown we wish you all the success in the world & lets catch up again next year to see how everything is going.

Susie : Thank’s so much Helen, and hope to catch up with you soon!

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